1421 Art was established in 2008 by Mike Becker to serve positive choice through the arts.  Free Will Positive Moment (FWPM) is a 64 page self help book which provides text and images that can initiate institutional transformation through raising awareness of the necessary interdependence among forces and resources within ourselves, others and the planet.

1421 Art brands include 1421 Art Publishers, 1421art.com, Gallery 1421, With a little assist from all of you we look forward to launching the FWPM Global Arts & Education Foundation where we’ll be providing 2 weeks of Alaska environmental enlightenment to deserving folks from around the globe!  Stay tuned.

Interested in becoming a translator or financial partner?  Pick an unrepresented language & country.  Reach us and unlock a myriad of social and capital returns immediately.

Please send inquiries via email to info@1421art.com


+ Blessings+

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